Think And Grow rich

By Napoleon Hill

Think And Grow Rich is a state of mind. It exploits the power of thought to manifest strong desires and a definite purpose into reality. Turning your all-consuming obsession (definite purpose) into a reality is not an easy task. However, if the desire is strong and you’re willing to raise the stakes, you will win. The author projects the following formula:

Desire + Ideas + Plans + Massive Action = Success

Start with your goal. What do you really want. A better job to succeed in your current career. To work for a business leader who inspires you ?

To achieve that goal, shifting your thinking from failure consciousness to success consciousness is the key. For this to happen, the question ‘how do I get a job?’ needs to change into ‘what can I give to a job’, and ‘how do I get more dollars per hour’ into ‘how do I give more energy, desire, focus.

If you read this book attentively you could be a different person a better person.