(Audiobook)Release Guilt - Brain Subliminal System  - by Kelly Howell

(Audiobook)Release Guilt - Brain Subliminal System - by Kelly Howell

You no longer need to be burdened by regret, shame or responsibility. These feelings only sabotage your happiness, and your ability to make positive choices in your life. Most guilt is unhealthy; it gets in the way of trusting your instincts, and it stops you from being true to yourself and others.

Subliminal messaging to release guilt are woven with Theta binaural beats to induce states of deep relaxation; here your subconscious mind is most receptive to change. Theta waves have been identified as the ideal state for learning, and unlearning. As you listen daily, your brain will entrain, and fears and worries will fade and you’ll discover the liberating joy of release that comes from living truly guilt free. The messages will be received by your subconscious where they will support you in experiencing more joy, happiness and personal fulfillment in your life.