Make New Year the Greatest Year Possible

If you want to make this year your greatest year possible you have to do the works. Let's get to work together to make this year the best year possible, MindsLift will be with you along the way. make sure to become a free member and subscribe to Blog so you will get notified when we plan out way to success. First of all It’s important to decide what you want in your life . Take few minutes and decide what kind of changes you want to make in your life. Income, body shape, better relationship, or career change. Whatever you want to have in your life decide now. Take a piece of paper and pen and write them down. Writing your goals down is important. When you write down your goals your mind and body connect. This is an important step towards setting your goals.

It's Important to make some clear decisions here. When you decide on whatever you want to have, you should have a great reasons for the goals that you are setting up. Psychological reasons why you want to achieve this specific thing. How does that gonna effect you and others. Is it helping others to have a better lives or make their lives easier. There shouldn't be anything destructive to anybody or anything.

Categorize your goals into different areas of your life. As example financial goals, health goals, family goals, career goals etc.

What is your goal? More income? Great, decide how much income you want to have by a specific time period, for a month or a year or for 2 year period. You have to be specific. Not just " I want to have more income " be specific. As an example, I want to make $100,000 by Dec 31, 2022 . It's important to have a dead line for each of your goals.

Now if you have one year period to achieve your goal divide the whole amount into 12 months. Now you know how much money you need to make per month to achieve the goal. Divide that into weekly amount and then divide into daily amount. Figure the numbers out.

Now you know how much money you need to make daily to achieve that goal.

Now it gets little interesting. Let's take a look at these numbers

$100,000 by 31st Dec, 20..

100,000/12 = $8,333.33 a month

Let's figure out how much a week.

100000 / 52 = $1923 a week. It doesn't seems too hard now right, Great.

Now let's be quiet and let our brain get to work. Now think 10 different ways that could help you bring this amount of money for a week, according to the skills you have. How can you bring money doing something valuable to someone. Let your brain figure this out, give your brain some quiet time and ask yourself, what are the ways I can make $1923 a week ? Keep repeating to yourself. Activate your brain. Take a piece of paper and start writing down what your brain comes up with. Trust yourself and follow what your mind says and write them down. Our minds are greater times better than a computer, nothing can compare to a human brain. If you ask the question the right way it will bring you the right answer. Sometimes it will take time. It could be minutes or days. But believe, it will bring the greatest answers. Once you have written the answers from your mind, make sure to read them again and go through them carefully one by one. you will be surprise to see one or two of them will amaze you. arrange your Ideas into a list now. What needs to be done first and what can be done later. Your mind or your higher-self is the best of yourself. Make a good relationship with yourself by trusting your higher-self and being honest to your higher-self. A good way to make the connection stronger with your higher-self is meditation. Every time you meditate the connection gets better and stronger. Make a habit of meditating everyday for 5 to 7 minutes or more if possible. Your higher-self only accept doing good things. If you try to do destructions it will not help you. Your higher self is guided by the divinely sources. Be appreciative and thankful, it will show you the right path to success. Then follow along. I highly recommend if you could do 5 to 7 minutes meditation before you start goal setting steps everyday.

Examples of your written goals should be like this. write them in present tense

Financial goals:

I make $20,000 from my part time income by Dec 31, 2021.




Health goals:

I am ....... lb of weight and in a great shape by 31 Dec 2021




Career goals;

I am a great leader and I control ...... number of workers in my department by .....

I learn new skill(mention the skill) and be good at it by ........




Family goals:

I live in my own beautiful house in (New York) by Dec 2022.





Travel goals:

I visit England with my family in June 2021.




We recommend starting on few major goals if you are a newbie to goal setting. Coz it will be easier to focus on fewer goals than too many goals. Start with small goals first and once you achieve those smaller goals, go for bigger goals.

It's important when you set your goals, pay attention to these key factors as follows.

S. Specific.

Be specific and clear what you want to achieve

M. Measurable.

Your goal should be able to measure. Exact amount, how much or how many etc.

A. Attainable / Achievable.

Make sure to set something achievable according to your capabilities.

R. Realistic / Relevant.

Your goal has to be real. Something exists and achievable.

T. Timely.

Set a dead line for your goal.

Now follow these steps and write your goals down. We will see you in your next step. Good luck and make sure to stay focused. Encourage yourself by listening to motivational audios to keep you motivated. Don't forget to subscribe to get next step notified.

here are some motivational audios just start with these

Believe in yourself. You are far more capable what you think you are. We will help you to take your genius out to help you along the way to be successful you. It's your right to live a successful life. You just need to focus on your good qualities and get rid of bad behaviors and bad thoughts in your mind. It will be much easier to get there.

Join MindsLift Community. Let's get the SUCCESS journey started. When we have a strong team it will be easier and faster. We have a lot of Ideas and materials to share with you along the way stay tuned.

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